Hello everyone! I am Miss Hong Kong 2018; No.5 Krystl Kung. I’m looking forward to share my daily life with you all and have you guys accompany me through the journeyā£ļøDon’t forget to follow me on Big Big Channel & Instagram! Thank you for your support! 哈囉大家儽ļ¼ęˆ‘ę˜Æ香ęøÆ小姐2018ļ¼Œ5號 鞏å§æåøŒ. å„½ęœŸå¾…åÆ仄åœØ這個平台äøŠå’Œå¤§å®¶åˆ†äŗ«ęˆ‘ēš„ē”Ÿę“»é»žę»“怂åøŒęœ›å¤§å®¶åÆ仄é™Ŗä¼“ęˆ‘å’Œē‚ŗęˆ‘ę‰“ę°£ā£ļøčؘ住followꈑBig Big Channel & Instagram啦ļ½žå¤šč¬ļ¼ InstagramšŸ“ø: its.krystl