Everybody starts on the same place on an Aeroplane Chess board. By the high random chance, the luck of dice rolling can almost define the sequence of arriving the terminus. Seems the "chance" has decided our final results and we can do nothing about it. But in fact, it's not the whole thing. For those who are fighting for the victory, please stay focused. Never look down on a simple but decisive skill - "identifying optimal moves". 每個人都在飛機棋盤上同一個地方開始。 擲骰子運氣幾乎可以決定抵達終點的先後次序。 遊戲中的隨機性早已決定了我們的賽果。 而言,這未必是事實的全部。 對於那些為勝利而戰的人,請保持專注。 千萬不要小看一個簡單但決定性的技巧 ---- 「下好每步棋」。 #龜兔賽跑向來都不是一場公平的競賽 #現賽中如何界定誰是兔誰贏在起跑線 #與其總執著先缺條件倒不如放眼未來 #龜一出生是龜再想也不可以化身為兔 #但堅持也許讓它最終成為不一樣的龜 #努力賽果的同時亦要懂享受當下過程 #lifeisjustagame #howwoulduplaythisgame ... 📸 by @anthonyyyyyfung